Thanks Again

Keck is famous for his light-fluffy, pefectly mixed, great-tasting waffles.

It was quite a surprise this morning when they were a little tough, a lot chewy, and not what we expecting. It was a mystery even to him.

But no one complained. We simply ate the waffles, and were grateful that someone had the wherewithal to get up and cook us breakfast.

We finally figured out what happened when we took all the fixings for our lunch to my father-in-laws. Knowing my father-in-law didn’t have much in the way of cooking supplies we tried to premix any baked goods. I had put two cups of flour in a bag for popovers.

When we arrived at Keck’s dad’s place and Keck went to hand me the two cups of flour, he only found the premixed waffles. At that moment we knew what had happened.

We’re calling them the awful waffles, with much grattitude. ❤