There’s an again in register. Yet, you can register again and again.

This time I reregistered for the Jane Austen birthday celebration with Jane Austen Society of North America, North Texas Chapter (JASNA-NT). Our dear Jane was born on  Dec. 16, 1775. It’s been awhile since I’ve celebrated Jane’s birthday and I thought it was time I’m signed up again.

I enjoy going to these events. I think it brings something out in me that simply makes me happy. This year, I’ll hear a lecture from JASNA President, Liz Philosophos Cooper.

Ms. Cooper is slated to speak on a Jane as a working woman and how she negotiated contracts and managed the publication of her books. A recent recap of the presentation says:

Cooper described the four publishing options available to Austen: subscription, profit-sharing, purchasing the copyright outright from the author or publishing on commission.

Recap of Jane Austen: Working Woman

I laughed out loud when I read that subscriptions was one way for Austen to publish. From newspapers to cosmetics, subscriptions are now currently all the rage. I know I have oodles of subscriptions including everything from veg to movies to news.

I cannot wait for next Saturday’s event. ❤