Why Totally Kris?

Why Totally Kris?

As I get a little older, I’m getting more and more comfortable in my own skin. Yet, with my writing focusing a lot on my Christian walk — er … stumble — my writing needed a few broader topics allowing me to share more of the things I love and open up some new avenues for my writing. I was finding I needed to branch out. Share fiction, write a poem, provide a book review.

As you know,  I’m a bit of an introvert (okay, an ambivert) and a bookworm and a word nerd and a bird-watcher and a Janeite (that’s a card-carrying member of the North American Jane Austen Society) and a redhead.

I feel that maybe you as my readers might like a place to share some of these things with me. I’ve opened up a blog to share the best reads, a blog that focuses on good things and good causes, and a blog that will be quirky and a little more like me.

I’ve not abandoned my agains. My {Re} blog is still alive and I’ll be adding to it as the agains continue to build.

Because I write so much about my faith, I do feel it’s important that you know what I believe.

I believe:

There’s far too little poetry in this world. (Sarah Kay and Amanda Gorman are doing something about that.)

Birds were once dinosaurs — I mean, have you ever watched a bird?

Celebrations deserve toasts.

Jesus is always better than I imagine.

There will be a New Day — complete with a resurrection.

The Holy Spirit is real.

Jesus died for me and for ALL the people I don’t get or understand.

The Bible inspires life and joy unspeakable.

Every day is new again.

Amazement exists in the simplest things.

There’s nothing better than a clean, organized home — my lifetime goal, thank you Flylady.

There’s a wideness in God’s mercy.

Jane Austen is the most extraordinary author and writer.

Reading changes my life and inspires me.

Gratitude changes everything.

That’s my short list.

I’m married to Keck. We live in a typical middle-class house in Dallas. And we’ve been on many adventures to three continents, five countries, and 17 states. We’ve “snuba” dived in the ocean, swam in the sea, and hiked a trail or two. While being married is the hardest job I’ve ever had, I wouldn’t trade Keck or our life together for anything in this world. Keck’s a keeper, and I’m still the luckiest girl.