I could find no real etymology that this word is a true again work. Yet, I come back to relevant quite often.

Is what I’m doing relevant? Is this topic relevant to that topic? Relevant means having significance or bearing on the matter at hand.

There’s a great publication by the name RELEVANT Magazine. It’s written by 20- and 30-somethings and it came out when I was 30 something back in 2002. It strives to be, you guessed it, relevant.

A few minutes ago I discovered that Relevant has a podcast. Today, I’m really jazzed about podcasts because I’m trying to walk my way to a skinnier self and I needed something to listen to. So I’m now adding Relevant to my long list.

Here are my others:

  1. What Should I Read Next? with Anne Bogel (a.k.a Modern Mrs. Darcy)
  2. How To Be A Redhead
  3. The Next Right Thing (This is how the book of the same name, I just read started off and it’s fantastic to hear it again.)
  4. BirdNote
  5. Ologies with Alie Ward (for the science geek in me.)
  6. NPR’s This American Life
  7. What Would Jane Do? (because you know I had to have something Jane Austen.)
  8. Do It Scared with Ruth Soukup
  9. HBR (Harvard Business Review) Ideacast
  10. Ethical Storytelling

You can find all of these on a free app for iPhone called Luminary. Find something you like or want to learn more about and grab your walking shoes and see what happens. ❤