There’s real wisdom in taking a hot bath. And, rest.

We learned this recently perhaps as suckers or patsies. We were fairly convinced that we needed a new kickstart to getting to a healthier weight and spent an exorbitant amount of money on a 30-day detox kit, complete with vitamins, a special tea, and bath salts.

We tried to eat better during that time — it was really bad timing for us because of travel schedules and other interruptions to our daily life — to no real avail. But, I did discover that I enjoyed having a nice cup of tea before bed, even though this particular tea wasn’t the best tasting. I did it to clean out my fatty liver.

While the vitamins were supposed to help with the entire process, I did not notice any really difference. But I drank the tea and took the vitamins morning and night as instructed.

The bath salts didn’t come into play until we’d finished our 30-day vitamin and tea regimen. It was the next step. The trainer who sold us the kit said he was going to recommend the bath salts because of stress and that taking a hot bath with this special packet would help with our detox.

You could say, we spent a lot of money to be told that taking a hot bath was useful and healthy.

Science doesn’t really tell us much about detoxing. There’s basically no proof that teas or vitamins or eliminating certain foods eliminates the toxins in our body. But a hot bath on the other hand can really make a difference and there’s some pretty solid science behind it.

Scientists, according to an article on Lifehack, say that baths:

  1. Lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and stress.
  2. Help you breathe easier.
  3. Reduce pain and inflammation and calm you down (no surprise there, right?).
  4. Improve digestion.
  5. Help manage blood sugar levels.
  6. Build immunity.
  7. Balance your hormones.

Don’t be like me and have to learn the hard way that a bath is good for you. Schedule one in on Saturday or Sunday, buy a nice bag of epsome salt for less than $5, light a nice candle, grab a good book, and find a little rest. ❤