A week and a half ago, the Lowe’s truck came with three pallets of 40 pound bags of top soil. That’s a total of 8,000 pounds of soil for the backyard. We’ve moved about half of that.

The problem is the grade in the backyard. A rather large, 16 foot by 16 foot deck, had to be removed so we could place a drain to remove water that was collecting and washing out around the houses foundation. We cancelled our trip to Alaska and every time I paid a workman for the drain, I said: “Here’s my trip to Alaska. I hope you enjoy it.”

Regrade basically means to provide (something, such as a road — in our case — a backyard) with a newly smooth horizontal or sloping surface. Our surface has to gently slow.

So far, we’ve reclaimed 256 square feet of yard space. We’re planning a new back step and moving our patio. We’ll need to plan some more planting and outdoor decor. ❤