Here’s an again word you wouldn’t think was really an again word.

Despite the fact that we’re trying to be adults and answer the question, “What’s for dinner?” with the words, “We’ve got food at home,” we come and go to restaurants time and again. In my mind there are tiers of restaurants:

  • Utility Food: Food you have to eat because there’s nothing else open and you’re hungry. Think McDonald’s (I’ve only had a coffee or an egg muffin there in recent years and rarely darken the door.)
  • A Step-Up Utility Food: Something from Chick-fil-a (utility food not a political or religious statement) or even Starbucks (again awful coffee and pseudo-good-for-you food.)
  • Guilty-Pleasure Food: Braum’s (what can I say I’m an Oklahoma girl who loves good ice cream).
  • Go-To-Dinner Food: Hello Uber, DoorDash, Caviar, and all those places that make decent food ordinary and bland.
  • Great-Food-With-Friends Food: Here’s where good food and great company mash together for an unforgettable time — think your local neighborhood fun place.
  • Special Food: Extravagant food with eye-popping prices.

My favorite has to be the Great-Food-With Friends Food. Mainly, because great food and friends usually gets elevated to a fantastic time.

When I looked up the word restaurant’s etymology I was surprised to learn that the it is from the Old French word for restorer. I couldn’t help but see the irony. Nowadays restaurants mostly destroy healthy eating and personal budgets. When it’s good, it’s excellent. But when it’s bad, it’s destructive all around.

Maybe we have food at home is more restorative. Especially if the food is simple, the company a person or people you love. ❤