To remind is a sort of jogging or nudging of one’s memory by association or similarity. This morning I read this great article about wise quotes and remind me it did.

The one that got my goat was the one: He who angers you controls you. (See what I did there?)

The saying supposedly originates from an Australian bush nurse, Sister Elizabeth Kenny. The actual quote is:

He who angers you conquers you.

Sister Elizabeth Kenny

Conquered by someone who totally irritates you is not a very pleasant feeling. But I do have people in my life that make me totally angry. And in some ways that conquers me. Yet, when my friend said on the phone the other day: I have to remind myself that “they” aren’t here to vex me. I stopped and took a breath.

I need to remind myself that I am not the center of the universe. That people aren’t here just to vex me. And, controlling my redhead temper is actually a virtue. It reminded me of the words in Ephesians:

Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on the cause of your anger. 

Ephesians 4:26, NET

I don’t want to be conquered by someone else. Especially someone who I allow to stir my ire, contempt, and outrage. Life is way too short to live that way. Therein lies the sin. It’s okay to be angry, it’s okay to be vexed. It’s not okay to allow that to conquer you and live in my head rent free. Done with that. ❤