I have to admire an author who pens words like this:

Wearing better pants has become my favorite spiritual discipline.

Emily P. Freeman, The Next Right Thing

Reading The Next Right Thing: A Simple, Soulful Practice for Making Life Decisions has been joy-filled for me. Especially when I can put what I’m learning into practice.

Sheri said to me over pedicures, “My friend called and asked me if I could write an article of encouragement by Sunday.” It was Thursday.

I’d recently read the chapter Find A No Mentor. Freeman began with a quote, from Lysa TerKeurst, “If the person you are trying so hard to disappoint will be displeased by a no, they’ll eventually be disappointed even if you say yes.”

I became Sheri’s no mentor as the technician painted my big toe quick-dry red.

I used all of Freeman’s points, and begin peppering Sheri with questions.

Is this what God has called you to do?

Will doing this distract you from your ultimate purpose?

Will this help you do what God has called you to do?

If the answer to those questions was no, then Sheri’s answer to her friend’s request should also be no.

The first words of Freeman’s Find A No Mentor chapter hit the crux of the matter: “Sometimes in order to remain true to your life, to your people, and to your own calling, you need to turn down what others may call great opportunities and choose your absence from them.”

Wow. Sometimes a no answer brings rest. It helps you lean into your purpose and into your own calling. And as Freeman says that great opportunity may simply be a big favor. ❤