It’s Friday night, again. And here Keck and I sit on the couch vegging out to whatever’s on our television watch list.

This week we took up opting out of television for most nights. We were going for Monday through Thursday but we didn’t quite make it. One of Keck’s favorite shows is the History Channel’s Forged in Fire.

Forging is forming something through heat and hammering.

The timed competitions of the show pit amateur blacksmiths against each other and test their weapon’s sharpness and durability. Me, I only want to chop veg or cut into my steak.

Many of the contestants live to hear the words, “It will ke-ll,” from one of the judges, Doug Marcaida. The contest has brought grown men to tears nearly severaly times, and injured a few of the judges.

So tonight we “reforge” by watching again. ❤