I know this is a word, and I’m fairly certain it’s in the Oxford English Dictionary. I only need to go to the local library to prove it.

Fallow means uncultivated or unplowed (and I did try to spell “unploughed” the old English way). I think back to when I was a teenager and reading the only source of “secular” information I had at my disposal — Seventeen magazine.

It was a rarity to get to read it. But I remember one article about taking care of your body and how you could let up a bit in winter. It was the age of perms and teased hair and nail polish and shoulder pads. Allowing fallow wasn’t a bad idea.

The article suggested shaving less, going without nail polish, and considering going without a perm in winter. The idea was to give your body a rest from all the over processing.

It always makes me laugh.

Especially since I went to get a pedicure tonight and I momentarily considered going polish-less for my toes. Yeah I chose a nice wine color. I’ll go refallow again another time. ❤