When I started writing this blog months ago, I had been writing under my name, thinking that eventually I’d author a book. While KrisHilburnWilliams.com still exists and I own it, I thought a name change would help me out.

I came to TotallyKris.com. Writing under my full, official name narrowed my focus, and helped me think I had to be like other author friends and write specifically about my books and tie myself in to subjects I didn’t yet have content or plot lines or a twinkle in my eye for.

I also mistakenly thought that I had to always write “spiritual” stuff and it almost became so overwhelming that I thought I couldn’t do it. Because the last thing I wanted was to be haughty and high-minded and sound all fake spiritual.

When I came to TotallyKris.com, it was because I wanted to show myself that I could be authentically me and write about life and discoveries that were real to me. So you got to hear stories about my walk as a Christian along with the stories of me putting the milk in the pantry and starting a subscription to Imperfect Produce and learning new words like revictual and rebonjour and retoast.

I also got to share some of my spiritual discoveries on rest once a week. That’s been enlightening and joyful and I still haven’t learned enough. I got to write every single day in Lent, and in a few more days, I’ll have the opportunity to write about the agains of Advent.

(There is also spiritual significance in renaming people and places. While I don’t have the wherewithal to do that tonight, I’m noting it here for future reference. There are deep agains here and eventually, I’ll mine more of them.)

Sometimes naming something anew is the thing that will crack open the essence of what you’re looking to do. ❤