It’s been one of those weeks. With so much to do and so much on my mind, I find myself not sleeping well and overly tired. The overcast days and rainy weather have kept my spirits low.

While it’s not been cold this year — I learned on a weather forecast recently the cause of my winter doldrums — less days without the sun. The rainy spring reminds me it’s still a little glummy.

Keck made me breakfast this morning. After I cleaned up the breakfast dishes, I had a cup of coffee.

I did my thing: sitting down and staring off into space.

When I started work, I decided to have another cup of coffee. I put the sugar in first. We’re out of the good sugar so I used the brown sugar from the pantry. We were almost out of cream but I knew I had enough for one more cup.

Except, I couldn’t find it.

I searched and search. I looked in the refigerator. Not there. I looked in the trash. Not there. It wasn’t until I did the “Jan Brady” thing and reenacted the crime that I realized my mistake.

I’d left the sugar on the counter and put the cream in the pantry.

True story. ❤