I used to laugh out loud when GPS devices first came out. Their constant “rerouting” mantra nearly drove me crazy. Especially when it sounded like they were constantly stuck … rerouting, rerouting, rerouting, rerouting, rerouting ad naseam.

But I’ve found myself rerouting a lot of things lately. For example, right now, I’m sitting in the garage keeping Keck company while he reroutes the electricity. It needed to be done, because knob and tube.

As we’ve looked at our gym membership and made new commitments, we’re getting to reroute our drive. That 40 minute commitment in the car becomes less than half and Keck’s toll expenses will decrease sharply. He’s even considering rerouting his time from Monday and Tuesday exercise classes to classes later in the week. The gym is always overcrowded on those days.

We’re even diverting our television watching to weekends only so that we can focus on getting things done that we really want to do. Plus, we’ve just scrapped building an all out deck and opting for a smaller back porch. We’ll reroute and use our space in a different way to encourage us to get out in the yard and enjoy the full thing.

Maybe it’s getting ad naseam for us too, but it seems to be a better way of living. So here’s to going a different route to see if the the view’s a little different and a little more exciting. ❤