Resistance is futile.

The borg, Star trek

Perhaps when it comes to cookies, resistance might be futile. I love a good cookie and was mesmerized tonight by a Martha Stewart Bakes repeat that highlighted Middle Eastern Cookies like Ma’amoul, Iranian Rice Cookies, and Tahini Cookies. (Note: I’m secretly sharing this with you to remember I want to give them a go.)

While cookies aren’t necessarily things on my list to resist, I am resisting some things — while it may appear futile — it’s helping me put some actions behind what I think and marrying up those ideals with what I do.

I’m in full-on resistance mode when it comes to buying more plastic. I just replaced my toothbrush. It was getting ridiculous. I wear out my toothbrush every four weeks or so. We’d succumbed to buying the battery-operated ones. At $10 a brush times 12, I was spending $120 a year on a toothbrush, not to mention the battery and the piece of non-rotting plastic headed to a landfill.

I went online and bought this toothbrush. The handle is metal and came with two replaceable heads. The replacements cost $3 each. I reduced my spend to $40 and my monthly plastic waste by two-thirds. Now I’m even happier brushing my teeth.

I also like looking for and buying fair-trade chocolate, clothes, and homewares that support developing companies. Especially the Congo Restoration.

This week, I’ve also switched how I workout because one of the people there was let go. While it wasn’t the only deciding factor — a 40-minute drive there and back, expensive membership fee, and my bad habit of not going factored in — it was certainly the straw that broke me.

Opting out will bring a new habit and freshen up my workout. I’m going to give yoga another try as it’s only 10 minutes away, costs much less, and provides me with more options to say yes to a workout throughout the day.

The fancy club will never miss me, but I feel better already.

I’m sure there are more pathways to resistance that might have a bigger impact globally and economically. Sometimes resistance helps and “no” is a valid answer. ❤