We waited all day on the dirt to come. Cancelled plans to taste a friend’s BBQ pop up and hear his talented son sing.

In the early summer we had to have a drain installed to manage the water that was building up around our foundation. It was our trip to Alaska. Each repairperson I paid, I said, “Here’s my trip to Alaska. I hope you enjoy it.” They thought I was kidding. I wasn’t.

To get the drain, Keck and I had to take out a 16 x 16 foot deck that took up nearly our whole yard. We’ve been living with a mud-hole out the back door. We’ve reconceived the backyard a million times.

With a decidedly brown-thumb, I’ve resisted putting in more yard. Yet, at a restaurant the other night that had a lavish outdoor set up with a roaring fire pit in the middle of cushy loungers, I thought better of my resistance to foliage.

We’re slowly coming together with a few good ideas. A new porch is our starting point and a place away from the back door for the grill and smoker along with an outdoor plug are the starting points.

We have to move the shed but for now we’re going for a simpler backyard with a few more functional areas. Pinterest, here I come. ❤