Do you ever notice that your actions can sometimes completely retract what you say? In professional and personal situations, I recently found my self retracting by omission, busyness, and all out forgetfulness.

One meaning of retract is to withdraw or go back on a promise or undertaking.

I realized that I was saying to people, “yeah, let’s get together for lunch,” “let’s get together, it’s beens so long,” “I’d really like to learn more about that, can we chat?”

None of my good intentions were getting into my schedule or a diary or even on my long-term radar.

Sensing that enough is indeed enough, I started with my friend Sheri. We’ve set one day a month where we try to get together and chat and be girly. It’s called Kris and Sheri Day and we can choose breakfast, lunch, dinner, or pedicures. It’s in our calendars and we try to hold it as sacred space for our friendship. No more retracting.

I also called a professional colleague, Teresa. I was honest. “I’m tired of not seeing and meeting with people I like and want to get to know better, I’m available on these days and times for lunch, are you?” We’ve now got a lunch in a couple of weeks.

And today, I met with my colleague David. We’d been trying to get together for ever. Today we made it happen.

I’m convinced that my connections are only as tight as I choose to keep them. And, it’s key for me to make the effort. Plus, the more connected I am the better I feel, and I hope it makes others feel the same way. I’m finding I have better feelings about myself as I connect and learn more about others. It makes me less lonely and more empathetic. And, it’s so fun to learn interesting things about the people in your life.

Don’t let your actions retract or divert your good intentions. Learn to do what you say, and connect with those you really want to connect with. We’ve got one life and it will be defined by what we do. ❤