Once when I was in Washington D.C., my friend Michele and I went for a walk in search of dinner. We came across a few churches and one had a big white tent.

I wondered allowed if it was a tent revival, being from the South and all. Michele laughed. Turns out it was a church bazaar at a Greek Orthodox Church. We heard many Opas, and saw celebratory Opa dances, glanced at the beautiful arts and crafts.

Michele and me in front of the White House. This is one of my favorite memories.

But the very best part was the $9-ish dinner of moussaka. Hands down it was the very best moussaka I ever had. It might have had to do with the novelty and serendipity of the experience. It could have also been the crisp October air. It could have even been the company.

Whatever it was — it’s always a little reviving to think back on the experience. Opa! ❤