Retail means to sell in small quantities directly to the ultimate consumer.

Today, I went to Target. I haven’t been in a long time and I was on the other side of town, so why not. I needed a cupcake carrier and a sweatshirt. About $100 later, Keck and I exited the store.

Some of my friends indulge in “retail-therapy.” I cannot.

I’m not really an ultimate consumer, I’m more a reluctant consumer.

I don’t have to try on a sweatshirt at Target. I might have to try it on at a specialty store. The cupcake carrier only needed to last a few times, because really how often do I make cupcakes? They’re not on the Williams’ family plan.

I guess I went retail.

Bagged-it-and-tagged-it and got outta there.

I’ll likely have to retail again, buy something in a smaller quantity than what is available at a big box store, but I won’t have to like it. ❤