I love hymns.

But I’m too lazy on Sundays to go to a worship service that includes them. Instead it’s all praise and worship music. That’s okay, but those songs are repetitive, sometimes seem a little less than theologically sound (I’m still convinced God’s love for us isn’t reckless), and don’t really connect you to the roots of our Christianity.

I’m also a sucker for a remixed hymn. When I was younger I loved how Second Chapter of Acts played around with the tunes we sung on Sunday mornings.

I also really love modern music, and am constantly looking, not for contemporary Christian, but for Christian music that sounds 21st Century. I stumbled upon this site and an article Top 10 Modernized Hymns.

A couple of them have Gaelic influences including bagpipes. They’re worth a listen.

Some of my “modern” Christian music is by The Gray Havens, Waterdeep, and The Oh Hellos.

I guess tonight I’m remixing what I want to listen to, and I’m trying to branch out of my gospel roots. I’m so tired of the 80s. ❤