Today, I’m thinking a lot about caregivers and how grateful we should be for them.

Over the past several years, I’ve found myself in situations where I need to care for the adults in my life. It’s not always pretty.

Case in point last night my mom ran fever so high that when it broke, and it broke twice, we had to change her clothes and the sheets because sweat. In the meantime, Keck was throwing up. Mom ended up in the ER. Keck slept in.

And, then he had to do dishes, laundry, lunch, while I stayed with mom at the ER and went for prescriptions.

While everyone is on the mend and things have settled down, I found myself napping off and on again all afternoon. It didn’t feel like real rest. Mainly because I didn’t have the opportunity to get to church — and I don’t think I’ve been in weeks.

If you’re a caregiver, full-time or part-time or any time, give yourself a break. Take care of you. ❤