My mom used to make all my clothes. All of them.

She could take a remnant and turn it into a skirt or a blouse or a pair of shorts. As a matter of fact, she used up all those bits and pieces, the leftovers of other sewing projects, to make a prototype for my wedding dress.

For some reason we didn’t take a photo of that prototype, but it lives on in our imaginations.

Remnants are what’s leftover. It’s what’s remaining. It’s even an unsold or unused end of piece goods, it’s like a fat quarters for my quilter friends.

Top photo: Quilt using my father’s old jeans and shirts; the remnants from the trim project; a family quilt that has my grandmother and great-grandmother’s names embroidered on them; and a quilt by one of my mom’s teachers.

Sometimes the remnants come together to make something beautiful like these quilts. And then sometimes they’re meant for the scrap heap. Like the pieces left over from a trim job Keck did recently. I was amazed at his precision.

My brother reminded me of remnants today when he talked about his box of scrap wood. He uses his scraps to cut other pieces of wood, shim things up, or whatever is necessary to get the job done.

There’s an again in a remnant. How can you use yours? ❤