The power of naps is seriously underrated. Especially on a Sunday. The day of rest.

Keck and I have gotten into the habit of going to Gloria’s after church. When we come home the first thing I do is put on my pajamas and take a nap.

When I was little and we would have lunch at our grandparents following church, my dad and grandfather would kick back on the couch or in the recliner, turn on a the Sunday afternoon movie (yes, it was something in black and white television) or a football game late in the day. When we would accuse grandfather of sleeping, he’d say, “I wasn’t sleeping, I was checking my eyelids for holes.”

There’s nothing like it to me. The drone of a football game lulls me to sleep.

I hope you enjoyed your day of rest today. That your eyelids don’t have holes, and that your week is starting off with a great deal of joyous, glorious rest. ❤