It never ceases to amaze me how “re” words come to me. Yesterday, it was bumping into a friend at a cooler spot than my electricity-less home to work. Today, it was scrolling through LinkedIn and reading a post my friend John liked and the comments.

John’s message is all about travel balance and how business executives can find wellness in airports and long meetings. You can read more about him here.

What caught my eye today was a post he shared from Arianna Huffington. (I’ve actually met her, but she more than likely doesn’t remember me.) Huffington was sharing an article about burnout. John shared it, too. Then, his friend David commented.

I’ve been severely burned out three times in my life and I was determined to change this pattern – which I did. After 13 years of working with the resonance of beliefs and emotional patterns, I’ve learned it’s all about balance in these 5 key areas of life: Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, Physical, and Energetic. Because our American “Make It Happen” culture is so engrained in our collective conscious, I found that strategically shifting the resonance was key, so my awareness could help me change my focus, realizing a whole new set point of balance. It’s been an inspiring and amazing journey.

David Barnes, in the comments on LinkedIn, August 7, 2019

From what I can tell, David is using the word resonance to mean a quality of evoking response. His LinkedIn Profile says, “I work with individuals and teams utilizing popular movies to change the resonance of emotional and belief patterns. It’s called: The Alignment Process.”

I can only imagine what that might “sound” like. Especially since in most cases resonance has to do with sound vibrations. It reminded me of a tuning fork and how tweaks in string tautness or slack creates a different sound that is richer and of more quality.

Everyone knows that a well-used instrument needs to be retuned to evoke the right resonance. What tweaks could you make to your life to shift your resonance and align those things that make you more you?

As with most of my “re” word hunting, I’m always sure there is much more depth to uncover. I’ll save that for another wormhole. ❤