A fluke had our electricity off for a bit this afternoon, and I set out to find a cool place to work. I bumped in to my friend, Fred, who immediately asked me what my “re” word was for the day. Before he left we chatted about grocery shopping and how we could win-back some time.

This “re” word’s for you, Fred. Rejig a some things and think about them differently.

Here are a few things I do to win-back time and destress my life. Since I work from home, I save a ton of money on auto costs. We actually now hire someone to come and clean our house and mow the yard every other week. It’s a little luxury but it makes working from home a little more manageable.

The grocery store we favor means we have to cross the Trinity. Something no Cliff-Dweller wants to do. Enter Amazon Prime Now. I know — likely a little evil. But, two-hour delivery windows mean my Sunday is a little more sane. We’re now more open to spending time with friends than at the grocery store. Plus, we stay on budget. No tempting cookies to persuade us to give up our diet … errr lifestyle.

My commitment to ensuring that my carbon footprint is a little smaller connected me to Imperfect Produce. (Click that link today and enter THIRTY% as a coupon code.) I get fresh fruits and vegetables delivered right to my door that otherwise would have gone to waste. This week’s baby broccoli forced me to get out the big pan and the asparagus is a little scrawny.

The veg always turns out really good regardless of their sizes. We’re eating better.

We try not to go to Costco very often either. When we do we stock up on frozen veggies and jeans for Keck.

When I absolutely need something urgently, we go to Tom Thumb, but we can never get out of there without a chocolate candy bar. But, I hear even they deliver now. Hmmm. ❤