God’s math is astonishing. Especially when it comes to the agains of what’s left over.

Remainder means the number left after subtraction or the final undivided part after division that is less or of lower degree than the divisor. It’s supposed to be less than.

Yet we see God working again and again in the leftover parts of our lives.

Ruth gleaned in the fields taking the leftover portions for her and her mother-in-law, Naomi. Boaz noticed her hard work and rewarded her leftovers with as much as she could handle.

The disciples gathered up 12 baskets full of leftovers after Jesus blessed the five loaves and two fishes from a child’s lunch. Leftovers, the remainder.

Job, after being found faithful, proclaimed that the second half was better than the first. Those later years are sometimes considered the remainder.

Those who tithe say God blesses the remaining 90 percent. When I give, I’m blessed and blessed. It’s pressed down and shaken together — abundance.

In an age where math is used as a weapon in algorithms and big data (don’t believe me, read Weapons of Math Destruction) and for just-in-time, programmatic marketing and advertising, it’s refreshing to know that God’s math is better. ❤