It wasn’t in my plan to duplicate my rewords except on Sundays, when I would focus on aspects of rest. But it was bound to happen.

I published reconsider back on March 23. Then I was talking about buying ugly produce and taking care of the hungry in our own backyards.

I thought at the very least I wouldn’t duplicate a word unless I used it to focus on a different sense of the word.

But I didn’t.

Apparently the word “reconsider” churns up something in me that makes me look at the world, and how I can help.

Maybe that’s what writing everyday has taught me.

I have a perspective.

My perspective is trying to force me out of what I see everyday and look for something to do for others. Because what I wrote yesterday about reconsider focused on the idea that I could do something to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

I can find a purpose, a job. A way to love that’s uniquely me if I just stop long enough to see what comes out the end of my fingers.

Something is likely to get duplicated again on this blog. Maybe it will be something that continues to unsettle me. Move me closer to my fellow humans. Closer to God.

I don’t know where I’ll end up — I only know this is like the palindrome in my car that only lasts for one mile. This isn’t where I started, and it’s surely not where I’ll end up. ❤