There’s something about setting at a baseball game during the day, when it’s a normal workday and you have taken time off.

It’s rejuvenating, restful.

It’s outside of normal.

It’s these times when the air feels fresher, the time seems slower, the smiles seem sweeter. It also makes you healthier, lowers your inflammation, helps with depression, surges your creativity, deepens your relationships.

What do you do to totally disconnect?

What feeds you?

For me it’s a lot of different things. Working on a creative projects — something well outside what I do everyday. Writing this blog has been restful — even as I sometimes feel pressure to write everyday. Hiking in nature, and especially in Colorado, connects me to the awesomeness of our Creator. Snorkeling in the ocean.

These are activities that make time stand still for me. Give me real rest.

I hope you find these things on this day of rest. ❤