It happens to half the population each month, yet its nearly a taboo topic for men and women. Yet, there’s a movement afoot to change all that.

I read an article on Refinery 29 called, Periods Around the World. It was an eye-opening read, and I encourage you to click through the stories of women around the world and how they deal with their menstrual cycle.

One woman dug a hole in the ground and sat over it for the duration of her cycle. Another sewed a goat skin skirt to wear during hers, and women in Pakistan use cloth and worry about others knowing when they are on their cycle.

The Red Tent was my first encounter with a whole story about mentruation before the Internet and Google. Otherwise, my knowledge came from the various articles in Seventeen magazine.

Period poverty is a real thing. In our prison system, in our junior and high schools and some middle schools, for young , single mothers with small children, in the homeless.

Feminine hygiene products are expensive and sustainable options are hard to find. I’m working on a project to help ease the pain of acquiring these supplies for women each month. You’ll be hearing more about it soon.

Until then, read up on Period Poverty here, here, and here. Or simply Google “period poverty” and see what you find. And the next time you buy supplies for yourself, pick up a box or two for your local women’s charity.<3