I’m always a little late to this springing forward or falling back exercise, especially when it comes to the clock in my car.

I cannot always remember how to do it.

As a matter of fact, the last time I changed the time in my car, everything was off kilter.

I was driving up to Plano and, I thought before I pulled out of the driveway, I’d set the clock so I would not have to add or subtract an hour on the long drive.

After about three attempts I finally had the time right and I set out on the trip. I drove for quite a distance before I ever looked at the speedometer. Toodling along, keeping up with traffic through the mixmaster

As I continued onto the North Texas Tollway, sudden stops, abrupt, no-signal lanes changes in front of me kept me brake tapping, slamming, and head shaking.

As the long lane of cars snaked their way up the exit, I began to accelerate. I caught a glimpse of my speed.


Hmm. I thought as I merged into traffic. When I looked down again the speedometer hadn’t changed.

I’m going 100 mph I thought. But everyone’s passing me?!

RPMs are fine. No check engine light. No coughs or sputters from my 12-year-old car.

“Could my speedometer be that off?” I’d say to the fantasy police officer I was sure would be pulling me over soon.

I glanced over at the radio and looked at the temperature. It read 27 degrees followed by a capital C.

Facepalm (except not really while driving down the tollway)!

I’d switched over to the metric system and was going 100 kilometers per hour.

“Hey, Siri … ” Turns out I was only going about 60 miles per hour.

This time though, a fairly boring update to my clock about a month later. Now I know what time it is in my car again. ❤