In which I do not mean at heavenly rest, rest after exertion, harmony of color, or the noun version of the word in Merriam-Webster.

The closest meaning is the verb form: poise. Or in this case to literally pose again.

Tonight’s Tate Lecture at the SMU campus featured Amy Cuddy, the famous psychologist who gives practical life hacks on body language that allows you to feel more confident and powerful. Her goal she said was to get people to be their authentic best self by believing their story, conveying themselves with confidence without arrogance, and communicating harmoniously with their body and words.

One of the biggest takeaways was the idea that to feel more confident was to expand yourself.

Like a peacock these positive poses help us build our confidence. She said we could expand by breathing, by acting like Olympic champions, by sitting up straight. She cited the New Zealand All Blacks haka. (Keck’s been sharing this with me for months now. It’s rather impressive and I’d be so frightened to be their opponent, I’d just run.)

Poses can change our attitude, make us feel more positive. It’s a proven fact.

Check out Cuddy’s Ted Talk here:

She says it even works with horses. The horse in the video had confidence issues and his trainer showed it powerful poses.

When you think of powerful poses, what do you think of?

I couldn’t help but think of the best pose: God became man and stretched out his hands and died and rose again. ❤