{Re}lish, post-game

Well …

We got the hot dog with grilled onions.

We had to search for it, but it was tasty.

We went out to buy new jackets because it was supposed to be cooler. We still weren’t prepared for northeasterly, 8 mph winds and the 49 degree temperature. The wind whips around in the stadium.

Jacketed and enjoying our hot dog.

We kept trying to figure out why we were so bored with the game. Our muscles were tense. The funnel cake was awful. We left at the top of the 5th inning.

Later we figured out that a 24-walk game and leaving 21 players on base makes for a very long evening. Soon our relish turned to boredom and our desire to sit in the cold turned to heading home with the heater on.

Imagine our surprise to learn that the Rangers beat the Cubs 8 to 6.

We do relish baseball games. Yet, here in Texas I either have heat stroke or apparently not enough sense to put on plenty of warm clothes or take along a blanket. ❤