{Re}lish, pre-game

I’ve been waiting patiently to use this word.

For years, Keck and I have tried to catch a baseball game in all the cities where baseball is played. We went to the old Yankee Stadium in New York, picked up a game in San Diego, watched a game at Wrigley Stadium, experienced indoor games in Phoenix and Houston.

We still have a few more places to tick off our list. But, tonight, we’re headed back out to the last season for The Ballpark in Arlington to catch the Texas Rangers play the Chicago Cubs, the 2016 World Series Champions.

I know we’ll relish the game and a ballpark hot dog. Maybe even some peanuts and Cracker Jacks. I don’t care if we ever get back …

This is a pre-game post. I’ll let you know post-game how it was. What we relished, with photographic evidence. ❤