Keck and I are season ticket holders to the SMU Tate Lecture Series.

Tonight’s lecture featured, Lisa Randall, Harvard professor and author of Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs. (A book not on my reading list.) She’s convinced that there’s such a thing as dark matter and dark energy.

Dark matter, she says, makes up about 25% of the universe, and it’s counterpart dark energy makes up about 70%. Basically, that leaves a whopping 5% of the universe that we can actually observe.

She’s theorized that the only force dark matter or energy interact with is gravity. If this is true, the dark matter would have to have mass. In my brain, if something has mass then it cannot be dark matter which by definition does not interact with anything we can observe and we can observe gravity, right?

For dark energy to exist, you would have to use Einstein’s equation: E=mc2. And we can see and calculate the speed of light.

So if you cannot observe any of this dark matter or dark energy, how can it possibly really exist? Keck and I discussed and rediscussed and theorized and retheorize all the way home, and I am dizzy from the possibilities. ❤