I signed up for a monthly email from the Carmelites after reading the Sensible Shoes series. The brothers send along Lectio Divina for each month.

The Sensible Shoes series shared many spiritual practices that I was unfamiliar with — Lectio Divina was among them.  In the books, the author, Sharon Garlough Brown, would highlight different practices that would be the right thing for whatever the character was going through. She used them as devices to move along the story.

Yet, many of these practices fascinated me and I began to look for ways that I could incorporate them into my life. I found these practices helpful. And, Lectio Divina was one I return to often.  

Lectio Divina is the Latin phrase for Divine Reading. The practice is simply spening time with scripture in a specific way that includes:

  • Lectio (reading)
  • Meditatio (meditation)
  • Oratio (prayer)
  • Contemplatio (contemplation)

The lectio part is my favorite. Lectio Divina asks you to read familiar passages to notice certain words or phrases, metaphors or repetitions. Does the passage stir you? Convict you? Inspire you?

Then, you get to reread the scripture or passage.

For the meditation portion, you are asked to use your imagination as you think on the passage. Ask yourself was it sunny and warm? Can I put myself in the story as an interested observer? What did I see? How did I feel?

Then you get to pray the scripture. At this stage I can express my feelings, confess, discuss what I think the author means, argue with myself.

Contemplation allows me to listen to echos or portions of the scripture that stir or convict or encourage me.

I’m excited about the Lectio Divina this time because I get to see and work with the scriptures of the Lenten Season. ❤