It’s amazing to me how often I have to reorganize again.

It seems that one new blouse or a pair of jeans causes some kind of domino effect. This effect sends me on a drawer and closet reorganization frenzy.

Remember those repotted plants? It took me forever to find a place for the extra two pots. When I finally did I had to reorganize the entire coffee table to find a good place for it.

And the medicine cabinet! How is it possible that I have a tube of antibiotic cream that expired in 2011, when I know I cleaned that out just six months ago.

Heaven help me if I decide to watch that Marie Kondo show. While I’ve never done KonMari, I’m not really sure what that is, I do try to organize myself.

I find it really hard to let go of paper. Things that are written by me or even someone else. Books, of course, clutter up everywhere in my house. My coloured pen and map pencil collection is growing too.

Do you find yourself doing this again and again?

I’m wondering if everyone has this problem? Or am I talking from a position of privilege? I am blessed. Yet, finding that I hang on to things for just a bit too long is disconcerting.

Living seems to clutter up things. I’m also amazed at the amount of trash we collect. I ask myself often, how can two people generate so much? From plastic bags, to toothpaste packaging, to tin cans, we take out the trash quite a bit. ❤

A Prayer for Organization

Lord, help me take better care of the planet.
Help me remember reusable bags.
Help me recycle where I can.

Lord, when the junk mail comes,
Take me straight to the recycle bin.
Help me get rid of paper
That clutters up my space,
Distracting me from you.

Lord, help when I out grow my clothes
Remind me to share with others.
Help me remember,
Buy new undergarments for the needy.

Lord, thank you for your goodness and love toward me,
When I'm a disorganized mess,
When I'm an organized mess.

Lord, remind me
You are the giver of all good things.
More of you is what I need.
Less things.
More love.
Less clutter.
More together.