Contrary to the French on this post, recycling isn’t a foreign concept to me.

A few years ago the city of Dallas passed a ban on plastic bags. Before plastic bag makers could sue the city based on a Texas law, Dallas City Hall rescinded the five-cent tax on each plastic bag. Read more about it here.

Yet, I hate it when I get a ton of those things, and often, if it’s a couple of items, I just take them without a bag or stuff them in my handbag.

I recently learned that plastic bags gum up the works at the recycling places here in Dallas and they aren’t recyclable in curbside pick up. We either have to trash them or gather them all up and take them back to the store.

Enter reusable bags. They’re easy to remember when I go grocery shopping but I always forget to take them along for other places. I received a swag bag once that had a little zipped up bag that I could slip in my handbag. It would expand to contain a few items.

It seems also that the recycling bin inside my house is perpetually full. From paper bags to boxes to bottles and glass containers, it seems like the recycle bin is often coming after me.

Note to self: Never leave the house without the zipped up, pop-up bag. Remember to take the reusable bags to all the places you go shopping.