We promised ourselves that we were going to eat in. Cook for ourselves. Forego Uber Eats, Caviar, or Doordash.

So much for self-promises.

With $10 pie night at Pie Tap calling to us, we enthusiastically ordered over Doordash. Doordash dashed our hopes and taste buds by not delivering.

There was nothing else to but either reorder with a different delivery service or fire up the oven.

We opted for bbbop and Uber Eats.

Soon, the app told us that the delivery person was minutes away. But even this dinner took a little side trip to the next door neighbor. When we finally got to eat our old school bops we shoveled in so fast that not a word was spoken between us.

Keck and decided that we would have been less hassled if we had just cooked the dinner we planned. It’s certain we would have eaten sooner.

Maybe we should practice keeping promises to ourselves. Duly noted. Apps deleted. ‚̧