Here we are the second week of 2019, and as promised, I’m focusing on rest every Sunday.

Is a Sunday walk resting?

When I first started studying the agains in rest, my first question was: What did God DO on the seventh day? How did He rest? Did He have a good lie-in in His almighty-sized bed?

Maybe I’m taking this story a bit too literally. Yet, I thought if I could understand what God did on that seventh day, I would understand more about what I’m supposed to do.

 By the seventh day God finished the work that he had been doing, and he ceased on the seventh day all the work that he had been doing. 3God blessed the seventh day and made it holy because on it he ceased all the work that he had been doing in creation.

Genesis 2:2-3

Instead of using “ceased all work,” the King James version uses “rested” and instead of “blessed the seventh day,” the King James says “sanctified it.”

I realized that God didn’t rest because he was exhausted — He was simply finished creating.

I’ve come to believe that God enjoyed this creation of His. He reveled in it. He said it is good. So much so, that He set this day of resting aside as sacred space.

When I enjoy the fruits of my labor, the blessings of light and love, and set aside special time to revel in it — I’m joining Him.

I hope in the coming Sundays, I can show us some ways that are good to actually rest.