It happened back in September. I injured my left shoulder. Thinking it was a rotator cuff injury I went to see my orthopedic physician.

Fortunately, it wasn’t my rotator cuff but rather a bicep tendon and my supraspinatus muscle. Like a rotator cuff injury it takes a while before you’re back to normal.

It’s been more that 12 weeks. Normal seems no where in sight.

Maybe I can get my shoulders get this strong?

It gets better by slow degrees.

Like the king who asked Elisha if he would recover from an illness, I’ve asked my caregivers if I will ever recover from this injury.

While it’s no longer painful it does still ache and I’m still taking a break from my swimming workout.

I’ve discovered that I cannot think myself out of this situation. I can be positive and try not to complain, but moving my arm certain ways still hurts. It’s almost mechanical. I can only stretch and go to therapy and let time get me back to normal.

Sometimes that how recovery is. A slow healing process. Sometimes I learn new things and sometimes I just want in the pool.