We just bought new ceramic knives. They’re super sharp. They’re light and fit nicely into my hand.

We wanted sweet potato hash with onions, garlic, and white potatoes.

Keck caught my attention the moment I sliced down into the white potato, catching my left thumb.

I dropped the knife. Applied direct pressure. Called for a bandage.

After bandaging me up and taking over in the kitchen, Keck immediately signed us both up for a knife skills class at our local Sur La Table.

Today, I learned how to hold my knife properly, dice, mince, batonnet, and julienne. Then, we got all fancy and tried our new found skill to rondelle (a coin-shaped slice of a cylindrical veggie) and paysanne (a decorative cut).

We watched demonstrations of how to core a pear, supreme fruit (sectioning), and a mandolin slice (to be successful at this you need to make sure the bowl stays in place).

This foray into relearning taught me a few new skills. I came home with chic new apron and a new found respect for the knife.