{Re}subscribe, Unsubscribe, Subscribe

It’s completely true: we live in a subscription society. At the first of every year it seems I’ve collected a million and one subscriptions.

Newspapers and magazines started it all. But now, now we can subscribe to a meal service that delivers all the ingredients to your front door for you to cook up supper in 30 minutes. I tried Sun Basket. I unsubscribed because of the expense and my learnings. If I plan a little I can do a meal service-esque version of a 30-minute meal with my skill and cookbooks and thorough shopping list.

I’m trying to decide whether I’ll resubscribe to a workout clothing provider. You may have heard of Fabletics. Since I haven’t been to the gym in a while — I’m a little pudgy for my old workout gear. I finally gave up and went with another subscription service, Amazon Prime.

I recently signed up for a brand new subscription service, How To Be A Redhead (#H2BARH), a red box comes to my house once a month with items just for redheads and my skin coloring. I think I’ll keep this for a bit. It’s kind of fun to get some new ideas.

Inevitably, I start a campaign to unsubscribe from the inordinate amount of email I receive. And, somehow, I will manage to accumulate more email in 2019. From a local writers’ group, to national organizations, to gurus I want to follow, I’m a sucker for information.

Often, my need for info forces me to {re}subscribe. Until then I wonder if I can achieve inbox zero?

Here’s a list of a few of my favorite subscriptions: