Fat Tuesday Redux

A friend of mine once got me so excited about giving up something for Lent, I couldn’t wait until Ash Wednesday. At the time, I don’t think I even understood what Lent was.

I’m not sure, even now, I absolutely comprehend the liturgical time of repentance. But my spirit tells me it’s important.

It took me years to get that Mardi Gras is the party before the penance.

Growing up attending church twice on Sundays, every single Wednesday, every night of revival service, Ash Wednesday would not have stood out to me. Church was what the spirit guided. High holy days were for more formal churches.

It’s no wonder I’d never heard of Maundy Thursday, Holy Saturday, or the 40 days of Lent not counting Sundays. This liturgical practice has made me excited for Lent, too.

It’s opened up wonders and a joy. A time to rediscover the God who put on skin and dwelled among us. I pray you join me this year, again, to count The Agains of Lent. ❤