Happy New Year To Me!

It’s my favorite thing to say on someone’s birthday. It is after all the start of that person’s very own new year.

Here I am today at the beginning of my own.

Often, I take stock. Look around for something important to do. Try to change and work to become more me. I sometimes take this restart to my own new year as a time to set resolutions or create Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs for short). I sometimes choose a word that I examine throughout the year. Or a project I want to complete.

Celebrating another birthday today!

At the first of 2020, the word “body” kept coming up. It seems like an odd word, but I think it’s my word for 2020. My body is my boundary. And, recently, the bodies of women and how they use them to promote their own ontology has been once again tearing us apart. As a woman, I’ll be watching how this develops.

Another goal, I have is to publish a Lenten study. But realistically, I cannot publish it in the time between when I had the idea in January and Ash Wednesday, which is February 26. I could kill myself and try to do it, but it wouldn’t be any good. So I’ve decided that I’ll publish it in blog posts, and then after Lent put it together in a Kindle book. That way, I can start now and get ahead and deliver something that is a little more thought out and a little more polished. I won’t post every day in Lent, but I’ll work to provide good content that’s helpful to both you and to me.

Here’s a throwback picture of me as a toddler. Yes, my fingers still do that. It’s kind of grainy, but I believe my grandmother made this coat for me. I always have liked a green coat.

I’m also working on a cookbook project with my mom. I want to create the stories of the food we ate together as a nuclear family growing up in Oklahoma. And, I want to show off my mom who is kind of a domestic goddess when it comes to creativity and homemaking.

I’ve got a few projects that I’m keeping a lid on for awhile and some other things in the works that might make mine and Keck’s life a bit more interesting. I hope to see you around TotallyKris.com for a little bit of fun and a lot of thought.

Peace out.