Replete, from the Latin verb plēre, means “to fill.” Because we know that the Latin prefix “re” means back or again, it makes sense that replete would mean “to fill again.” But it doesn’t.

According to Merriam-Webster: “Replete is the synonym of choice when fullness is accompanied by a sense of satiety.”

It’s the perfect word for the end of my #365Agains.

By no means have I exhausted all the possible agains. There are many more in the dictionary. There are many more in my life to come.

All day I’ve felt like a football player hitting the end zone with a touchdown celebration. I’m half wonder and half proud.

Writers write.

I have written for 365 days.

I did it.




But 2020 looms large and fresh and new. It has 365 brand new days, if the Lord allows.

There are more agains to discover. More ways to turn this content into something good.

Thank you to my small tribe of followers. I’ve written for your comments and likes and love. Lynn, Billie Kay, Rob, Patty, and others, you’re quite encouragement has been phenomenal. You’re the best.

Of course, it was even more fun to do this with Keck encouraging me to make up new words when an again word would eluded me. Many nights I laughed until my side hurt because of the silly words we came up with. Never once did I have to resort to our favorite: Rechocolate.

This is not my last post ever. I’ll still be plugging away. But I’ll be publishing a little less often. A little more thoughtfully. I’m planning for a year of rejection followed by acceptance as I submit a new book proposal. I’m reading the bible and watching the women, I’ve already learned some really cool things about them.

I’m going to relearn French and try to figure out a way to learn Spanish too. I’m working on reading books and writing thoughts and chasing agains.

For now, I’m basking in replete.

Let’s go 2020! ❤