Penultimate (or {Re}plete minus 1)

There’s no again here. That’s right, no again.

I haven’t been here before.

For 364 days, agains have come to me sometimes by magic. Sometimes when I thought they wouldn’t. Sometimes when I thought I was making them up. (Seriously, retoast?)

They’ve taken me deep. They’ve left me eager to learn more. They’ve taken me shallow. They’ve made me silly. They’ve made me seem smart. They’ve made me have hope. They’ve made me stand in awe. Of God. Of myself. Of others.


Over and over again.

Except for today.

Penultimate means occurring before the last one. It means my yearlong again hunting is coming to an end.

Tomorrow is the last again of 2019. I hope to be on the penultimate again, the one before the last one, whether it’s a chapter of a book, another yearlong quest, or something I haven’t even dreamed of yet.

Here’s to future agains that I do not know. ❤