Resing is actually a word. It means to sing again or anew.

As we celebrate readvent, one of the things we can do is resing the songs of the season. Carols are mostly sung in churches now, but there was a time when singing door-to-door was a popular experience. It’s said to have originated in Victorian England.

Still, the ubiquitious, unending loop of Christmas songs played every where from the shopping mall to the grocery store to restaurants obfuscates their beauty and cherry picks the only a few of the wealth of songs out there celebrating the story of Jesus’ birth.

There are several carols that I love: Go Tell It On the Mountain, I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, What Child Is This?, and many more. Keck’s favorite is Li’l Drummer Boy and nearly every rendition brings a tear to his eye.

Several years ago, we stocked up on some Christmas music. One of our purchases was the Alligator Records Christmas Collection. It provides some new sounds that are fun.

See if this song makes you sing Deck the Halls anew. ❤