I cannot seem to force myself to do it any earlier than December 24.

Despite the numerous articles and other posts that make me think that people who decorate for Christmas early are really happier, I cannot help but feel like it’s too much too soon.

My trees have just now dumped all their leaves in my yard. My table is still set for autumn. The idea of dragging all the Christmas decorations out of the garage and into the house is daunting. It makes me think that we’re making Christmas too commercial and too materialistic.

The mall and other shops have been playing holiday music since November 1. And, we skip over Thanksgiving like it’s not that important at all. Greedy shopkeepers and corporate bottom lines fuel the flames of a “Black Friday,” while pushing parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles to drive themselves crazy and their bank accounts empty.

It’s still fall. It’s still time to prepare for winter. It’s still time to wait until December 24 to put up the tree and deck the halls. I’ll celebrate until Epiphany. I’ll count the 12 Days of Christmas.

I’ll redecorate when I’m ready. ❤