The first chapter of the book of Matthew is the Messiah’s ancestral litany through Joseph. The third chapter of Luke traces the ancestry of the Messiah through Mary. You might say it traces the reproduction of Abraham.

Last year, I was struck by the stories of the women. They did all the work after all. Bearing these men and giving them life. Yet, the stories of Tamar, Rehab, Ruth, and Bethsheba stood out to me. Ancestory would be impossible without women.

And I’ve decided that scripture has a distinct feminine side. (Yes, you can be a feminist without being anti-masculine or anti-men.) In 2020, I’ll be watching the women in the stories of the Bible. I’m sure that there will be plenty of reproduction as I learn about the feminine in the scripture. I might even give you some of my thoughts on the four women mentioned in Matthew. ❤