My timing is perfect, I promise.

Whispered in my heart during worship this morning

I opened a new book today to begin reading it in earnest. It’s called Rhythms of Rest by Shelly Miller. The subtitle: Finding the Spirit of Sabbath in a Busy World caught my eye at the bookstore. I grabbed it up.

I started it several weeks ago but got distracted after I read the introduction. Today, starting with chapter one, I was surprised by several things. First, Ms. Miller quotes favorite authors Lauren Winner AND Margaret Feinburg. And, she talks about Advent. As the first Sunday of Advent it was especially serendepitdous to read these words:

Sabbath, like the season of Advent, allows us to wait with expectancy … As we wait God reveals his purpose in the preparation he is doing within us, and our hopeful outlook is the result. Sabbath invites Christ to come into our everyday life to rethink priorities and celebrate his faithfulness. Sabbath is weekly preparation and anticipation for making space in our lives for Christ to come.

Rhythms of Rest: Finding The Spirity of Sabbath in a Busy World by Shelly Miller

That I would read these words on the first Sunday of Advent on Sabbath seemed like a perfectly timed moment to me.

I’ve rested in this today. Knowing that we do our best to plan and do what we can. Yet, in the end things are all about timing. Jesus came at the right time. Holy Spirit comes at the right time. Goodness reigns at the right time.

Sometimes people call this coincidence. I choose to call it God. ❤